Canvas Update 9.0
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Canvas Update 9.0

We are pleased to introduce you to the latest Lean Service Design Canvases. We have made some simplifications and improvements.

With each workshop, LSD Sprint or service design project we learn more. We learn how we can make Lean Service Design even better so that you can work with it more efficiently and effectively.

The new version LSD 9.0 contains the following improvements:

All Canvas

  • For each field we added trigger questions
  • The overall design is simplified and in greyscale to improve printing
  • The icons were improved and unified

People Canvas

  • The value cloud is now simpler (less terms)
  • It’s clustered to 6 value groups according our new lean persona concept
  • It enables you to create value spider diagrams

Purpose Canvas

  • We added a mission statement  template

Opportunity Canvas

  • We added within the “Goals” and “Pains” lane a separation in order to clearly distinguish between the customer side and the business side
  • The “Moment of Truth” lane was moved closer to the flow in order to make a clear connection between MoT and stage transition

Idea Canvas

  • We reduced the idea rating to 3 fields
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