Canvas Update 10.0
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Canvas Update 10.0

We are pleased to introduce you to the latest Lean Service Design Canvases. We had the impression that one of the most important steps in the LSD process is somehow bumpy. Entring the LSD cycle the Opportunity Canvas is the starting point for concrete innovation and we had the impression it needs improvement in terms of focusing on the inner dialogue of the customer that leads to a moment of truth in each phase and finally to his overall goal.

The new version LSD 10.0 contains the following improvements:

All Canvas

  • Implementation of new logo and design elements

Opportunity Canvas

  • We reworked the entire Opportunity Canvas so it fits seamless in the canvas steps.
  • We added the over goal field
  • We renamed the phases to “jobs to be done” so it’ s clear that they lead to the overall goal.
  • We introduced the concept of inner dialogue. Learn more in the new tutorial.
  • We removed the fields goals and mindset because they seemed to be redundant to the work done on other canvases.
  • The moment of truth field is now of higher importance as step-over from phase to phase.

If you want to understand in more details how the new Opportunity Canvas works just have a look at the new tutorial.


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