Lean Service Design is a canvas based approach to fast innovation and lean service design. It makes you a fats innovator and helps to grow business.
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Lean Service Design
A canvas based approach to lean innovation and service design.
LSD brings structure to service design.
Innovate faster and grow your business.
LSD is lean & fast
Real growth comes from continuous experimenting and learning. Lean Serviced Design is based on a simple 5 step continuous innovation process that help you and your team doing the right things the right way!
LSD gives structure
A canvas confronts you step by step with one question at the time. This way you make sure that your team always works on the right scale and keeps the focus. In a collaborative setup this allows fast progress.
LSD is Collaborative
Lean Service Design is a collaborative approach to get the most out of a team without time-consuming meetings and with minimal documentation. That’s the way to learn fast and pivot.
LSD is easy to apply
Lean Service Design is there to be applied, not to be studied. Its simplicity makes it easy to learn and apply. This creates acceptance and quickly adds value for the entire organization.
Download the canvases for free.

Easy to learn, easy to apply.
LSD is applicable to every company.

Lean Service Design provides five main canvases. For each step in the process there is a specific canvas that guides you and your team through the relevant questions. This structure ensures that you never lose focus and unleashes the full innovation potential of the team. Although the canvases are self-explanatory, we have prepared tutorials for you.

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The Lean Service Design process
In five steps from needs to experiments.

Lean Service Design is based on lean principles. It helps you to sharpen the purpose of your project based on user needs and business objectives and identify relevant opportunities. From there you and you team can generate innovative ideas and translate them into concrete experiments. That’s the way to get evidence what works and what maybe not.

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Get deeper insights.
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Get hands-on with the creators of LSD to answer any questions. Go deeper into the methodology and learn by listening, doing and interacting. We will work on realistic cases to provide you the maximum of applicable takeaways. You will meet people from a variety of companies. Get what you need to teach the methodology to your organization or clients and learn ways to integrate it into your processes.

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